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Wish I Never Met You Quotes For Separated Love Couples


Sometime it is important to end relationship and move on. In this situation we have a wish that we never met again with our ex-lover because we have some beautiful and some harsh past memories that may give us a pain if we met again. Letting go an old love and moving forward is very tough depends how older your relationship is, older the love, greater the pain. Therefore, people sometime wish I never met you again. In this post I am going to share few quotes and sayings about I wish I never met you.

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I Wish We Never Met Quotes

Quotes about Wishing You Never Met Someone

May be you think, it is very rude behavior but if you think with deepness, the innocent lover want to forget all the past memories which is difficult in front of other person who is responsible for all the happenings. After all tries and struggling, you decide to leave someone and then you want to maintain some distance and try to forget. If you are in the same situation, these quotes and sayings are for you.

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It is hard to say goodbye specially if you are very close to your love partner but if you think all the limits are crossed and you need separation now, you have just one wish in your heart that is to ignore him /her and move on in your life which is very good. I think these quotes will help you to go though from this difficult time and mold you positively to fulfill you wish.

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