21st Birthday Quotes – Funny 21 Birthday Wishes and Sayings

21st Happy Birthday Quotes

Every Birthday is special but the 21st Birthday is really special for American and USA youngsters because when they turn 21 they have legal access to drink and consider adults. So young people when turning to 21 they celebrate their birthday in a special style. They celebrate it by dancing at a party throughout the night and celebrate their 21st birthday with relatives, family members, and friends. So if your friend or relative is going to be 21 years old. You can use these birthday wishes.

1. Best Wishes for 21st Birthday and Quote:

 21st Happy Birthday Quotes

2. Happy 21st Birthday Drinking Quotes:

21st birthday drinking quotes

3. 21 Birthday Celebration Quotes and Wishing Message

21st Birthday Words and Texts

4. Some Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for a Friend:

After Quotes, let’s have a look at some wishing and words for the birthday boy who is going to celebrate his 21st birthday party and able to pay his drinking bills legally. It’s for friends, relatives, and brothers.

happy 21st birthday drinking quotes

Another best wish for a happy birthday on a 21-year-old celebration from the heart.

happy 21st birthday wishes for a friend

Read some more Quotes and wishes in text format below:

  1. Can you imagine a more perfect reason to celebrate? You are turning 21! This happens once in a lifetime, and we are going to make it a night you never forget.

  2. As you enter the legitimacy stage, you are now officially free to do anything you want. But you also have to be responsible to face all the consequences of your actions. So make the most out of it. Happy 21st Birthday.

  3. Remember, if you can’t count backwards from 21 by sevens, you are probably having too good of a time at your 21st birthday party.  Happy 21st birthday!

I hope you enjoyed these Birthday quotes because it’s a time to get independence and maturity. Have a great party and celebrations for this special day. Share this post if you like and read some more beautiful sayings and wishes in related articles. Stay tuned for more.