50 Mothers Day Love Poems 2023 to Make your Mom Emotional

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Mothers are the blessing of God, and this year the world is going to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, 14th May 2023, to honor motherhood. To celebrate this Mother’s Day in a very unique and memorable way, I am sharing heart-touching poems here. We can’t measure the unconditional love and care of our Mom. Today I am going to share lots of poems for Mom, so if you don’t know what to write on a Mother’s Day greeting card, this post is for you, because I am providing you with my personalized list of ideas.

Happy Mothers Day Love Poem 2023

Mothers Day Cute Poem

Happy Mother’s Day Poems that make You Cry:

Mother is already a very sensitive and emotional creator of God towards her offspring, but if you want to make her emotional and cry on Mother’s Day then I am here with the most appreciation love poems for your Mom.

Mothers Day Poem That Make You Cry

Cute Mothers Day Short Love Poem

Happy Mothers Day Poem Long Back To Moon

Thank You Mothers Day Poem

Mom’s Day Poems from Son:

Mom feels the power with sons, and as a son, we all want to give all happiness of life to our mother. To describe the beauty of the Mom and Son relationship and bond, I have a collection of a few beautiful poems you can use to wish your Mom on this event.

Dear Mom,

On this special day, I want to say

How much I love you in every way

You’ve been my rock, my guiding light

And made my world a place so bright


From when I was small and held your hand

You taught me how to understand

The beauty of the world around

And how to stand on solid ground


You gave me strength, You gave me hope

And taught me how to learn and cope

With life’s challenges big and small

And how to rise up when I fall


I’m grateful for all that you do

And for the person that you are too

You inspire me with all you’ve achieved

And your love and care can’t be believed


So on this day, I want to say

Thank you Mom, in every way

For all the love and joy you bring

And for being my everything

Happy Mothers Day Poem From Son

Mom’s Day Poems from Daughter:

Bonding between Mom and daughter is strongest than any other relationship. Both Mom and daughter are best friends and share everything. To explain the love and affection of this relationship, enjoy these Mother’s Day wishing poems.

Happy Mothers Day Poem From Daughter 2017

Short Rhyming Love Poems for Your Mom:

If you already decided on a gift and greeting card for Mother’s Day then I am sure you are looking for Poem or saying to add to it. These are inspirational short poems with rhythms to say I love you my mom and I am really thankful for all your deeds of care and love without expecting anything from me.

Best Mothers Day Poem To Make Her Feel Extra Special

Poem # 1

You are the one who always knows

The right words to say, the right way to show

Your love for me, your child so dear

And wipe away my every tear

Poem # 2

Mom, you are the shining star

That guides me through life, near or far

Your love is a light that never fades

And in my heart, it forever stays

Poem # 3

A mother’s love is pure and true

A bond that nothing can undo

I’m grateful for the love you give

And for showing me how to live

Poem # 4

Mom, you’re the one who raised me right

And taught me how to shine so bright

I’m grateful for your guidance and care

And for always being there

Poem # 5

On this special day, I want to say

That you mean the world to me in every way

You’re the best mom I could ever ask for

And I love you more and more.

Funny Poetry for Mother’s Day Greeting Cards:

After all this emotional wording, you need to give a smile on your mom’s face, which is easily possible by giving her a handmade colorful greeting card with a funny joke or funny poem. To give you ideas, I am sharing a few samples so you can add or write personalized funny poems for your mommy accordingly.

Happy Mothers Day Poem Thanks And Please Funny Mothers Day Funny Poem Month Of May Mothers Day Funny Poetry English

Poem # 1

Mom, you’re the best, there’s no doubt

You always know what I’m about

You read my mind before I speak

And make me laugh when I feel weak

Poem # 2

Mom, you’re the queen of the kitchen

Your meals are always finger-lickin’

You make the best pies and cakes

And every dish, my taste buds awakes

Poem # 3

Mom, you’re my personal stylist

You always know what’s in and what’s not

You dress me up in the latest fashion

And make sure I’m always in motion

Thank You Mommy Poems:

Saying thanks to Mom is very small but still saying it gives you a good feeling and your Mom will get motivation by your appreciation because she deserves all these appreciations and thanks. You can write a separate thanking letter or attach any of these poems to show your feeling to your mum.

Dear Mom I Love You Mothers Day Poetry

Wonderful Mothers Day 2017 Poem From Heart

Rhyming Mothers Day Beautiful Poem

Poetry to Tribute to your Mother who passed away:

Unfortunately, if you lost your mom, then I am sure you will miss her on Mother’s Day but like you shared poems at her funeral, I have a beautiful collection of poems to offer tribute to her on her day. It will give you inner peace, and you can share your beautiful memories again with your friends and family.

Mothers Day Poem For Mom Who Passed Away Poetry To Tribute Your Mother Who Passed Away

I Love You Mom, Poems, and Sayings:

Without any doubt, I can say You love your mom, so tell her now because your confession will motivate her. These short poems are suitable for both Sons and daughters. With these poems, you can also wish your mother-in-law and convey their best wishes. Tell her I love you to make her realize she is very important in your life.

Heart Touching Poems On Mother

More are coming, so keep in touch with us for the latest updates and explore more verses, quotes, and poems from below-related posts. Thank you for your patience.

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