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The day of graduation is big for everyone. We think we pass a milestone but reality is different, after graduation, there are lots of real-life exams are waiting for us. Many authors write quotes about graduation especially about high school graduation when youngsters think the tough time is finished and fun time starts but, in reality, the tough time is going to start after graduation. These quotes and sayings are also best to use in the final speech of the graduation party. Like entertainment award shows, graduation events also full of entertainment, and students who create fun during their speeches considered more coolest than other regular boring speeches. Here I am going to share some very inspirational graduation quotes, few funny high school phrases are also included.

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Graduation Quotes and Wordings for Speeches

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Funny Graduation Quotes with Pics

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Graduation Quotes

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Motivational Quotes for Final Graduation Event Speeches

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Graduation Success Quotes

Inspirational graduation sayings and quotes to motivate students

Kindergarten Graduation Quotes

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If you are planning to read these quotes on mega-events of your graduation, try to personalize them and use them with the reference to your mates. Also, explain the whole journey when you meet with your friends and celebrate lots of events together. These quotes will give you ideas about your graduation quotes speeches. You can also read and enjoy these quotes anytime and share them with your college/school friends.

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