50 Sweet Dreams My Love Quotes for Her & Him

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Everyone has dreams for their bright future. Lovers see dreams about love and in this post, I will share some very romantic and lovely quotes about sweet dreams. They are not only about chasing your real dreams but also for doing romance with your girlfriend or boyfriend before saying goodnight. These dream quotes are perfect to say than simple goodnight wish. These quotes force you to think about dreams and change your dreams on a positive side. These quotes and sayings guide you on how to follow your dreams and also wish you a very comfortable sleepy good night.

Sweet Dreams My Love, I want you…

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Don’t follow your dreams with the mind, follow a dream with your heart – My love Quote

Sweet Dreams Love Quotes

Sleep Love Quotes

Sweet Dreams Love Quotes for Her

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Best Sweet Dreams Quotes with Sensual Pics:

If you believe in dreams then these sweet dreams quotes are best for you and I am sure you will enjoy each saying. Dreams not only give you hope but also motivate you to achieve your goal. See big dreams, set goals, and follow them till to get success. To say to her/him “Good Night, Have a sweet dream…” is not enough, use these phrases to make your wish unique and effective.

Sweet Dreams Love Quotes for Her and him

Romantic Dream Love Quotes and Sayings for Couples

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Good Night Wishes With Love Sayings

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  • Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don’t, who will?

  • Sleep already. Angels are waiting for you to close your beautiful eyes so they can take care of you.

  • I hope your soul has a very beautiful dream tonight, one that will make you wake up with a happy heart. Sweet dream, my love.

  • Good night, princess. It is time for your beauty to rest so tomorrow you may wake up gorgeous and willing to make me happy.

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Best Bedtime Love Quotes with Cute lines

It’s his / her bedtime, so send her some beautiful short bedtime love sayings and share your thoughts with each other in dreams.

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Goodnight, Lovely Dream, I Love You Quotes for Her and Him

Romantic Dream Quotes to say Goodnight

I can’t Sleep Quotes and Rhyming Poem

I can’t sleep the whole night and keep thinking about you, I wish sweet dreams for you and going to dedicate this beautiful sleepy poetry for you my love!.

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Dream Love Statuses

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Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Good Night Messages for her

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Past is history, we have no control over our past, so it is better to see dreams for a better future instead of regret on past memories. There is nothing impossible; every dream can come true if you have the courage to pursue it. Think positive, do your best, and never letting go of your hope. If you are really serious about dreams, they will come true sooner or later. Good Luck with your sweet dreams.

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