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When we look at love is seems very easy and beautiful but the other side is very painful. When someone leaves you or you feel change in the behavior of your love partner. It is weird and very painful feeling. Unfortunately the world is full of heart broken peoples and they feel changes in their love behaviors with the time. But don;t worry life is always going on and time tell you the change is for betterment. In this post we share top quotes about change and love for you to read and share. They will help you to feel relaxation and mind motivation.

Change is NEVER easy – Change and Love Quotes:

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Change is one of the hardest thing. It is not easy to letting it go, specially love because it is all about our feelings, emotions and trust. But we should fight to let got and move forward.

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It is a million dollar quote says “People were created to be loved, things were created to be used, but in the world all things going on opposite path”. I just loved this quotes. 

Trust Quotes about Change and Love:

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Always trust on those peoples whose feelings not changes when the time changes.

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Quotes about Change and Love for her:

These quotes are dedicated to her. A girl sometime goes back to him even after he treat her badly because she never give up hope that may be he will understand her and give up all bad habits.

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If life gives you a chance to change your life, you should take it. Even it is for love. Because people changes with time but their memories always remain there. You need to accept the change for a better future.Change quotes about love

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Sayings about love and change for him:

Quotes about change and love TumblrIf you think you are going wrong, don’t move further, there is always a U-turn available for go back in right path. So think wisely and always take changes in a positive way.

I hope you like each and every quotes of this post because they all are top and deep meanings. You can share and read them for yourself and with your friends. Also take a look on interesting quotes and sayings below in related posts.


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