Good Selfie Quotes and Cute Captions

Selfie is a photo which is captured by your-self. The trend of selfies is growing with the popularity of social media sites. People love to share their self clicked pictures with different posses. It is full of fun and excitements. Selfie quotes are also associated with this latest fashion. We share two types of selfie quotes. Some of them are about yourself that define others who are you and what you think. On the other hand we also share some funny caption quotes that you can use on social networking sites with your selfie pictures.

5 Best Selfie Quotes

Your inner beauty selfie quote

lose yourself in the things saying about yourself

good selfie quote

Without any captions and some good quotes, your selfie update is incomplete. You should try different type of quotes with each photo; it depends on type of selfie. If you are sharing funny mood selfie then caption should be funny or cute. For decent selfie, you caption define some facts of life or expressed your thinking.

3 Most Funny Selfie Quotes

very funny selfie quote

It is very hilarious quote about selfie fashion. It says, if you consider self taken pic as selfie then you should said other pics as helpie because they are taken with the help of others. Also you can make other others according to the situations, such as group photo called as Grandpie or groupie. There re lots of things to make fun.selfie quote for friends

funny selfie quotes

Life Inspirational sayings about Myself

deep selfie quote about life

Selfie Quotes about Lovebest selfie quotes

selfie quote about love

Funny captions for your Selfies:

Now its time to share some funny captions that will describe perfectly your self-captured picture on social media. You can also write these captions in hash-tags. like #selfiepro. Let’s see some cute captions below:

  1. Real men don’t take selfies

  2. Take my selfie and be merry

  3. If you have eyes, look at me now

  4. Check out my pose

  5. I just got 100 likes, m #selfiepro

  6. OMG, Just look at my Selfie

  7. Morning time is Selfie Time #GoodMorning

  8. Selfies of Sunday Fun day

  9. Best Selfie Ever

  10. How I am looking now?

  11. See my new hairstyle, its different Oh

  12. I am trending right now

  13. See, I am looking fresher than you

  14. One thing is not simple “Let it Go”

  15. Girls look like without makup

These are just few to give you some idea about captions. You can add anytime of quote with it. It depends on your nature and your liking/disliking. Write a smaller caption or inpirational quote make your selfie viral or popular on your friends circle.

These selfie quotes are not just for sharing but also you can enjoy them by reading and sharing with your friends. It is unusual post therefore I am sure you will like it.

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