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This post is from the series of love quotes by famous poets of America. Langston Hughes was American poet in very old days but still his poetry and quotes on love are alive and people like to read inspire from them in this modern age because literature never died. He was famous social worker, poet, author of newspapers and play-writer on his time. His name is come with the people who added their efforts to innovate the jazz poetry in the early stages of literary art. Langston quotes are very interesting and easy to understand. His sayings about love, art, nature, and dreams are very popular. I am going to share some of them. I also include some of his funny quotes which he said to do some comedy. I hope you will like all these small quotation of Langston Hughes.

Hughes Dream Quotes for You

beautiful love quotes by langston hughes

Romantic Poetry of  Langston Hughes

famous quotes langston hughes about love

Beautiful Quotation and saying by Famous Poet with Image

i loved my friend langston hughes love quote

Short Love Poems of HughesLangston Hughes poem

langston hughes quotes on love

short quote of langston hughes

These sayings will help to you teach the lessons of real life about different situations. You can enjoy them and they have power to relax our souls. On the other hand, you can share these quotes on social media on the occasion of this Birthday or on the day of his death anniversaries as a tribute. May be someone learn something positive from your little effort and get succeed in his life because quotes and sayings by the legends have power to change the lives of ordinary peoples.

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