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We always try something new to express our love feelings to our life sharing peoples. Although it is very tough to explain feelings in words but we can do in many ways. To describe the same love, a very popular phrase “I Love you to the Moon and Back” and another similar one is “I love you to the Stars and Back”. Both these are very famous phrases and used as quotes, poems and even lyrics to dedicate her or him.

Perfect romantic image to share with your Girlfriend or boyfriend to show more love than to the moon and back.

But I Love You Much More Than To The Moon And Back Romantic Picture For Him Her

This quote has changed the perspective of this quote. A romantic couple is showing affection to each other and caption saying: “But I love you much more than just ‘to the moon and back!.'”

i love you to the stars and back

Beautiful Poem I love you to the moon and back to show how much I love you

I Love You to the Moon and Back Poem

Do you really know who said I love you to the moon and back?

The answer is simple, it comes from the old movie of 1972 and this was said by a character of that movie. later on, many poets repeat in their songs like Dolly Parton, Tim Warnes, Taylor Swift and many others.

Full Lyrics of 5 Stanzas

I Love You to the Moon and Back lyrics

It is not only for boyfriend or girlfriend love and romance but also mothers and daughters can use these phrases for years to explain their love. Actually these quotes give you very deep and beautiful words to show your love in a quantity. You can find here complete Poems, quotes, and lyrics of this Phrase in the form of images and text. So now you can easily send or share anywhere like social media sites or apps. These love words also widely used to decorate rooms and walls of homes and offices especially bedrooms of new couples should be decorated with I love U to the moon & back quote.

Locket Embossed with the phrase… I love…I Love You to the Moon and Back Phrse on locket

Origin of Phrase I love U to the stars and backOrigin of love you to the moon and back wirh moon star imageSimple Poem design

I Love You to the Moon and Back Quotes

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