25 Famous Marilyn Monroe Love Quotes (2023)

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Quotes of Marilyn Monroe are famous and well appreciated around the world. She writes regular quotes on her dairy and sometime quotes in her interviews. Marilyn Monroe was an American Actress, singer and model. She was very hot and considers a Hollywood sex symbol of twentieth century. Her quotes about love, romance, women nature, glamour beauty, marriage and society are very popular. She said many quotes that give women power and she describe what females wants from men. She describes different situations of relationship in her love quotes. Therefore, her quotes are very important for every husband and men who want to know her wife and girl. I collected some beautiful quotes of Marilyn, I am sure you will like all of these sayings. Let’s read.

Marilyn Monroe Quote about Romance and Wedding

famous marilyn monroe quotes about love

Love Quote for man by Marilyn about Real Lover

cute love quotes by marilyn monroe

Another romantic and love quote about man thinking. She said about past affairs of woman’s life. Her sayings about him and her are most popular among american youth.

love quotes for her by marilyn monroe

Complex relationship Love Quote by Marilyn Monroe with her Hot Pics

true love quotes by marilyn monroe

marilyn monroe beauty quotes sayings

Marilyn love quotes are effective because they are simple to understand and express the real feelings of any woman. She wrote quotes about feelings, women and men relationship and their expectations from each other. She also described the men nature that she felt as a woman. She was belongs to fashion industry, so she said many quotes about beauty, fashion, gossips and other natural habits of ordinary female. Wedding couples also inspired from her sayings because she explained that what are the requirements to lead a happy marriage life. You can also use her quotes to share on wedding anniversaries and to romance with your partner.

Top 3 Marilyn Monroe Love Quotes for Him

love quotes for him by marilyn monroe

marilyn monroe fashion quotes

marilyn monroe love quotes about men

 Monroe Quotes about True Love and Fashion for Women

marilyn monroe love quotes

 She is very popular icon of Hollywood died at age of only 36. According to news, she suicide by taking poison tablets. She found dead at her home in Loss Angeles, California, There are lots of books written about her like; Her life in her own words, My Story by Marilyn Monroe and Ben Hecht and many others.

Marriage Sayings for him and her by Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe quotes about marriage

Beauty and Glamour Sayings to Inspire by Fashion Industry

marilyn monroe quotes and sayings about life

marilyn monroe sayings romantic relationships

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